Competitive Advantages of Laser Cutting

There are numerous advantages to fabricating a component part from a laser than any other cutting method. These advantages can be broken down into 2 categories: The Geometric Advantage and The Cost Advantage.

The Geometric Advantage

Accuracy…Accuracy…Accuracy…with excellent repeatability.
   Depending on specific part geometry and material thickness our
   standard tolerance is +/- .005. However, we can achieve
   +/- .002 on some thin materials.
Smaller cut taper than other methods such as plasma cutting or
   turret punching.
Minimal heat input, results in less distortion of the workpiece.
Increased cutting speeds and higher throughput in most
Lasers let you successfully achieve very intricate and difficult
   geometric cuts.
Lasers cut a wide range of steels and other materials from Acrylic
   to wood.

The Cost Advantage

There is no expensive tooling to add to the cost of producing a
No tooling to wear or replace.
No tooling makes prototyping parts inexpensive and fast.
Cleaner edges so no secondary deburring operations are
   necessary on some materials.
A Preset laser cutting heads minimize set-up time.
Lasers are extremely flexible and lend themselves to quick
Smaller cut width (Kerf) allows parts to be cut closer together
   than other cutting technologies. This advantage can be taken a
   step further by nesting like materials and thicknesses together on
   the same sheet thus reducing scrap and yielding more parts per

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