Q: What types of lasers do you have?
We have two Mitsubishi Lasers. We have a 3000-watt machine with a 48" x 96" table and a 5000-watt machine with a 60" x 120" table with a pallet changer.

Q: What types of materials can you laser cut?
Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Gasket Material, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Tool Steel.

Q: What thickness of material can you cut with laser?
Mild Steel - up to 1"
Stainless Steel - up to 3/8" (clean cut)
Tool Steel - up to 1/4"
Galvanized Steel - up to 1/8"
Aluminum - up to 1/4"

Q: How long is your press brake?
We have a 10 Ft. 135 ton Cincinnati press brake with forming capabilities of 1/4" mild steel 80 inches long.

Q: Do you do small runs?
No job is too big or too small. We handle the projects from one to 20,000 piece orders.

Q: What is your normal turn around time?
Turn around time varies depending on project complexity. If it is a straight laser-cutting job then the normal lead-time is 2 to 3 days. If the fabrication also involves secondary operations such as forming, drilling, tapping, welding, and finishing then the lead-time increases with the additional operations required by our customers.

Q: Why do business with Laser Plus Technologies?
We have created a niche for ourselves in the industry by giving our customers quality parts on-time. We realize that time is money and late shipments only cause you headaches and loss dollars. When Laser Plus commits to a due date, we will deliver your quality parts on time and never leave you wondering why the parts are not on your dock on the specified date. Our quick turnaround combined with quality parts when you need them is why Laser Plus Technologies has been so successful.

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